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At Gold Shield Detective Agency, we specialize in infidelity investigations. Our lead investigator has successfully handled several thousand cases spanning over a thirty five year career. Our investigators utilize the latest equipment and technology.  Whether you have a suspicion or simply need evidence of what you already know, count on us to get the proof you need. Remember: "If you think they are, they probably are." All investigations and inquiries are 100% confidential. Call us at (908) 499-2138 for a free and informative consultation.

Here At Gold Shield Detective Agency, we have access to all types of phone, banking, credit, criminal and personal information records. Our record are obtained quickly, legally and accurately. Call us at (908) 499-2138 for free consultation.


Alimony & Cohabitation

A major concern of divorce and separated couples is a fair and equitable distribution of assets and financial compensation. At Gold Shield Detective Agency, we have pioneered investigation procedures which will supply absolute proof of cohabitation and disclosure of hidden bank accounts and assets. 

In July of 2014, new legislation has made it possible to re-access and provide solid legal proof which could lower alimony payments or determine if enough alimony is being paid. Call us for a free consultation. It could mean thousands of dollars back in your pocket. 

When your attorney is out of ideas, call us. We will work closely with you and your attorney to provide a solid legal case. 


Child Custody

One of the most serious and heart wrenching by products of divorce and separation is the custody of minor children. At Gold Shield Detective agency, we have years of experience conducting custody investigating. We have time and time again assisted clients and the courts in making responsible decisions. We have been instrumental in supplying evidence which has directed family courts to protect young children from all types of physical, mental and manipulative abuse and predators. We  are well versed and experienced in investigating significant others of ex- spouses. You must remember your children won't only be with your ex, but his or her new or prospective partner.

Our investigators take great pride in uncovering  any criminal records, bad habits and inappropriate activities which can ultimately effect your most precious possessions (your children) . Call us for peace of mind.

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Private Investigator & Confidential Private Investigations 

Backed by more than 35 years of experience, Gold Shield Detective Agency is dedicated to helping clients  with affiliates all over the United States. We'll get to the truth.  As part of our Private Detective services we investigate personal, civil, and criminal matters and provide credible evidence and confidentiality in all your personal legal matters. Your peace of mind is our number one goal. Our team has intensive experience in all types of investigations, however we specialize in infidelity investigation, alimony reduction/ co-habitation investigation, and custody cases. 

Our founder and lead Detective, Brian Geddes' experience comes from working as a Police Detective before retiring and opening Gold Shield in 2002. Today, we're one of the most successful agencies using all the latest equipment for tracking and surveillance, as well as a team of experienced, licensed investigators. Our Detectives are familiar with all the relevant laws, and are dedicated to keeping your investigation confidential and successful from beginning to court, even after we are done.

Mission Statement – We are committed to quality service and getting to the truth.